The Mastin Labs Night & Day Lightroom Presets Pack is a Game Changer

The Mastin Labs Night & Day Lightroom Presets Pack is a Game Changer - Mastin Labs

The Mastin Labs Night & Day Lightroom Presets Pack is finally here, and it’s already making a statement in the photography community! 

At Mastin Labs, our goal has always been to give everyone access to the beauty of film. We aim to offer photographers of all genres and experience levels the tools and knowledge they need to create beautiful images in less time, so they can wow their clients without sacrificing work-life balance.

The creation of the Night & Day Pack was the next step towards that goal! These new film presets bring a whole batch of fresh and trendy, yet classic and flexible looks to the table. 

About the Mastin Labs Night & Day Lightroom Presets Pack

Bring your photos to life with the new Night & Day Pack from Mastin Labs—one of our most exciting releases to date. The film-inspired presets included in this pack are adaptable  and forgiving with just the right amount of edginess. We think you’re going to love them!

The Night & Day Lightroom Presets, Lightroom Mobile Profiles, and Capture One Styles were created to help photographers tackle any situation, night or day. Plus, with three brand new editing tools made specifically for the film looks in this pack, the possibilities are truly endless! 

On top of being accommodating in many lighting situations, these presets are also ideal for a variety of photography genres, including:

  • night photography
  • low-light photography
  • flash photography
  • studio photography
  • fashion photography
  • urban photography
  • street photography
  • lifestyle photography
  • portrait photography
  • wedding photography
  • and more!

Film Looks Included in the Night & Day Preset Pack

Mastin Labs’ Night & Day Preset Pack includes three different looks, all inspired by real films. We’ve been making film-emulation presets for nearly a decade now, and we’re so excited to add these classic yet ever-popular looks to our collection!

Here’s a breakdown of what each look has to offer.

CineStill 800T Preset

Mastin Labs’ CineStill 800T Lightroom Presets and Capture One Styles are made for nighttime photography and neon streets. 

CineStill 800 film is a cult classic! This tungsten-balanced film was inspired by the cinema with vibrant reds, edgy blue-green shadows, and a unique pink glow around lights. 

An Esso gas station lit up at night, edited with the Halation tool and cinestill film look that is included in the Mastin Labs Night & Day pack.

This preset includes a custom halation brush which allows you to give your highlights that coveted CineStill 800 look. Think Blade Runner 2049 meets the neon glow of Tokyo's Shibuya Station. If you enjoy a good night photoshoot, you have to try this one!

Natura 1600 Preset

This low-light and versatile color film, which was sold only in Japan, has lush fuji greens, warm and gorgeous skin tones, and medium contrast optimized for off-camera flash and studio photography.

Picture if Ektar and Fuji 400H had a baby (yes, it’s really that good!). If you like the colorful look of Ektar, but want something a little more light and airy, Natura 1600 will knock your socks off.

A woman with short brown hair and a matching striped two-piece outfit stands by a window; image edited with Natura 1600 film emulation preset by Mastin Labs.

And if you’re looking for the best wedding preset for 2022, you’ve found it! We predict that Natura 1600 will be a favorite look this season and we can’t wait to see all the stunning images created by the Mastin Labs Community using this preset! 

T-Max P3200 Preset

T-Max P3200 is a gritty black and white preset with lots of grain, a big attitude, and forgiving contrast. 

A woman with short hair and wearing a bodysuit lays on a couch; image edited with Mastin Labs' newest black and white preset, T-Max P3200 from the Night & Day pack.

The T-Max P3200 film has an inherent flatness in the shadows and a smooth transition through the midtones and highlights—perfect for preserving detail in even the most challenging lighting situations.

If you’re a fan of grainy, artistic, black and white photography, T-Max P3200 is for you!

New Tools Included in the Mastin Labs Night & Day Presets Pack

Each Mastin Labs pack comes with the Mastin Magic Toolkit™—a set of easy-to-use tools to help you master your photo editing and make impactful corrections in just a few clicks. 

The Mastin Magic Toolkit™ includes: 

  • auto white balance
  • lens correction
  • auto transform
  • orange reduction
  • tone profiles
  • grain 

On top of these helpful editing tools, we included three new, custom tools specifically designed for the looks in the Night & Day pack:

Halation Tool

The Halation Tool is there to help you achieve that classic, reddish-orange glow around lights that CineStill films are known for, and in just the click of a button

Strobe Soften

The Strobe Soften tool helps to optimize the micro-contrast of the film looks in this pack, which is extremely helpful when it comes to editing studio strobe and flash photography. 

Dynamic Noise Reduction

The Dynamic Noise Reduction tool gives images a clean look without overlooking fine details by applying just the right amount of noise reduction—perfect for those images that are just a bit grainier than you’d like. 

The Mastin Labs 3-Step Workflow

We encourage our community to use the Mastin Labs 3-Step Workflow when editing their photos. The same applies to our latest pack!

The 3-Step Workflow is a simple process that is here to make your life easier:

  1. apply your Day & Night preset
  2. adjust the exposure as needed
  3. adjust the white balance/tint as needed

 And, of course, make use of the additional editing tools to help you nail down the exact look you’re going for!

Get the Mastin Labs Night & Day Pack for Lightroom Desktop, Lightroom Mobile, or Capture One

Ready to take your photography to the next level? The Night & Day Pack is available for three different photo editing platforms. Learn more and purchase yours at the links below: 

A woman with long hair wearing a yellow dress and holding flowers; image edited with Natura 1600 from the Mastin Labs Night & Day Lightroom Preset Pack.

Each pack is an instant download, so you can start editing right away! Plus, each purchase comes with secure checkout, video tutorials, and access to lifetime product updates and support. 

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The Night & Day pack helps you tackle any situation, night or day. CineStill's full of edgy blue-green shadows and vibrant reds. Natura 1600 is all about lush greens and warm, gorgeous...