• Authentic Film Presets for Lightroom & ACR

    Get perfect skin tones & a clean film look in 3 clicks or less.

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Born from film
Each preset is crafted by hand from Fuji Frontier scans to emulate actual film that can be bought and used today. Film is timeless and beautifully subtle. It takes a trained eye, a restrained hand and a lot of effort to achieve the same effect in digital.
Uncompromisingly accurate
Film has personality with layers, nuances, and idiosyncrasies that have to be understood before they can be replicated. It took years of honing to get our products right, but we believe they’ll satisfy even the most exacting eyes.
  • Camera Raw File: Before & After
  • Camera Raw File: Before & After
  • Camera Raw File: Before & After
  • Camera Raw File: Before & After
  • Camera Raw File: Before & After
Polished simplicity
Our presets are utilitarian in the best way. No bells or whistles, no options to agonize over, it’s exactly what’s needed and nothing more. Because it’s not about having more choices, it’s about making the right one.
Select the film type and adjust basic white balance, tint and exposure sliders.
Choose one of six highlight/shadow profiles based on real Fuji Frontier scanner settings.
Choose the 35mm or medium format grain profile to dial in the grain you want and you’re done!
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Artist Feature: Megan Robinson
Arizona based wedding, editorial and lifestyle photographer Megan Robinson shares her approach to the photographic life.
  • These are really good. I like these presets on the digital files better than some of my film scans in certain lighting situations. I’m really surprised because I’ve never liked digital files this much. Not even close.

    Film still holds my heart. But there are a lot of situations where digital could be advantageous and now I feel like I can shoot digital with film and not hate the digital files.

    I’m REALLY digging these a lot. I don’t hate my digital work anymore.

    Joshua Gull
  • This is definitely a better Portra 400 preset than any other one on the market. Definitely. They look good to me in various light. Only thing changed was white balance and exposure, nothing else.
    Kirk’s presets allow me to shoot film and digital side by side without worrying about mismatched looks. Simplification is a beautiful thing, and as a photographer it is something I put quite a lot of value in.

    Sandy Phimester
  • As a fashion photographer, Mastin Labs presets have allowed me maintain the look and feel of using film while still having the quick turnaround and control I need while in the fashion industry. I still prefer shooting film when I can, but being able to fill out a shoot with some digital that I can easily match the look to my film has been incredible. No other presets I’ve used have been nearly as accurate, and are often too heavy-handed and detract from the image.

    Jon Duenas
  • Mastin Labs has been an amazing addition to my workflow. As a photographer who recently switched to film, I’ve been worried about consistency when I shoot Hybrid (both digital and film). The Porta Presets make this transition an absolute breeze. Not only do these presets provide a beautiful film look, they also provide a consistent tonal range for all lighting conditions during a wedding day! I would 100% recommend Mastin Labs to both digital and film photographers alike, especially those who are trying to achieve that beautiful film finish.

    Catherine Rhodes
  • Your presets are amazing. They are the only thing I use now. I did nothing else to these photos,
    just your presets and the rest is straight out of camera. I didn’t even tweak them, they are just perfect.

    I am IN LOVE with these. You are making my life sooo easy peasy!

    Denise Birdsong
  • With the these presets I spend way less time editing and it looks more like film than any other preset. These presets are simple, beautiful and straight forward which is the type of images I’m looking to create.

    One of the best things about shooting film is being surprised by how good it is, I have yet to feel this way about my digital images until I used these presets. I love film but often as a wedding photographer I’m put into situations where digital works better.

    Now my digital images now have soul, thank you.

    Dylan John Western
  • Kirk’s presets have allowed me to provide a very quick turnaround for my wedding clients because I am able to achieve consistency between my digital and film work with minimal adjustments needed.

    I love that the presets work on a wide variety of scenes from a wedding day and my images look polished without looking over-edited.

    Alexandra Grace
  • I knew that I was unhappy with my editing style, I felt like every session I edited was missing something and I was always somewhat timid to share my work.

    I’m not exaggerating when I say that Mastin Labs has grown my business more than I could have ever imagined. My clients are constantly complimenting the softness, colors, and consistency of each photo which is all because Kirk Mastin is a rockstar. I LOVE MASTIN LABS.

    Brooke Borough
Our collection of passionately crafted presets for Lightroom and ACR.
Fuji films are known for an airy pastel look. The muted palette of Fuji 400H and the slightly cooler Fuji 160NS are great for wedding photography and fashion.
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Portra films are known for their excellent skin tones and natural warmth, making this film popular for portraiture and editorial work.
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From the glowing graininess of Delta 3200, to the honest look of HP5, Ilford B&W films are perfect for everything from fine art to photojournalism.
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