LUTs: A Quick-Start Guide to Color Grading for Beginners
Color grading is the magic touch that transforms your video footage from ordinary to extraordinary. In this article, we offer a comprehensive guide to color grading for beginners, focusing on the utilization of LUTs (lookup tables) to simplify the process. Learn how to balance your footage, understand waveforms, and apply the Mastin 3-Step Workflow™ to create stunning visuals. Read more
9 Tips for Growing Your Photography Business in 2023
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Should You Learn Film Photography?
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Using Cinematic LUTs to Achieve a Film Look on Videos
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Why Buying Presets is Better Than Making Your Own
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Best Tips for Getting That Classic, Editorial Photo Look
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Top Photography Hashtags & Instagram Tips for 2022
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Black and White Photography Examples & Tips to Inspire You
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Smart Ways to Earn Passive Income for Photographers
Opportunities that bring passive income for photographers can be life changing and lucrative. By utilizing different methods of earning extra money on the side of your regular business practices, you no longer have to worry about exchanging all your time... Read more
Mastin Labs Video LUTs for Premiere, Final Cut, and DaVinci Resolve
So, you’re interested in LUTs (Lookup Tables) for video editing? There are plenty of reasons why that might be, whether you’re a wedding photographer thinking about getting into videography, or you’ve been shooting creative film for years.  In the past,... Read more
Automated Email Marketing for Photographers
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Tips for Photographing Your Own Family
Join Kirk Mastin, in an interview with community member, Kayla Baptista about staying creative by photographing her family, how it's different than a client's family, and how she's using her own family photography to market her business. Read more
The Easiest ‘Learn to Shoot Film’ Course in the World

I am going to show you that it's easy to learn to shoot film by giving you ONE lesson that will make you a film photographer TODAY. If you follow this guide, you will fall in love with film.

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