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Tips for Photographing Your Own Family
Join Kirk Mastin, in an interview with community member, Kayla Baptista about staying creative by photographing her family, how it's different than a client's family, and how she's using her own family photography to market her business. Read more
The Easiest ‘Learn to Shoot Film’ Course in the World
We could start with the minutiae of film photography and get into numbers and charts... instead here is a lesson to make you a film photographer TODAY. Read more
Most Popular Film Cameras On The Market: A Review by Mastin Labs
Join Kirk from Mastin Labs as he reviews the technical aspects and strengths and weaknesses of the eight most popular film cameras on the market. Read more
Embrace the Chaos: 6 ways to recharge your photography through travel
One of the best ways recharge your creativity as a photographer is to go somewhere you’ve never been before. Read more
Portrait Wardrobe Best Practices (with bonus download)
We’ve compiled a description of best practices for communicating with clients about what outfit combinations look great (and not so great) in photos. Read more
How to Shoot Pushed Film (with Bonus Download)
Learn about pushing film in this easy how-to guide on pushed film. Read more
What Is the Best ISO for Different Films?
For most films, you need to shoot it at it's nominal ISO not whats on the box. In this post, we're discussing what it is and how to know plus we're giving you a free downloadable chart of the 15 most popular films nominal ISOs. Read more
Pivoting Your Photography During The Coronavirus
We've been watching our community members find new opportunities for creativity and learning and its been absolutely inspiring! We’ve interviewed one of our standout community members, Christina Quesenberry, about how she is pivoting from photographing families and couples to food, nature, and product. Read more
How To Do A Facetime Photoshoot
If you are trying to find a way to stay creative with your photography while you are staying home, we have an idea for you! We’ve interviewed Jessica Whitaker, founder of Build + Bloom, about how to do a Facetime photo shoot.  Read more
How To Use Luminosity And Color Range Masks In Lightroom
You may already be familiar with Lightroom's masking features for those times you need to make selective edits to your photos, but did you know that there are also tools that let you easily refine the masks you create? Check this out! Read more
How to Cull a Wedding with Photo Mechanic and Lightroom
Using Mastin Labs presets will speed up your workflow, but culling a wedding with Photo Mechanic will change your life! Read more
How to Edit Newborn Photos
Babies grow up incredibly fast, and that is why so many new parents choose to hire a newborn photographer to capture that short precious window where their mini is impossibly tiny. One day, maybe the day that the little human... Read more
How To Edit Bright And Vivid
If you want a Bright and Vivid look, Adventure Everyday Original is the tool for the job. Read more
How To Edit Vibrant And Airy
If you'd like a light and airy look but with a little more kick, Fujicolor Pushed is the ideal preset pack for you. Read more
How To Edit Warm And Neutral
Portra Original emulates three speeds of the classic film often used for portraiture, Kodak Portra. Each version of Portra has individual characteristics, but all of them give a Warm and Neutral look. Read more
How To Edit In Black And White
With three presets based on black and white Ilford films, Ilford Original is the one to check out if you're looking for a quintessential Black and White look. Read more
How To Use Luminosity And Color Range Masks In Capture One
Lumiosity and color range masking in Capture One are a powerful pair of tools to level-up your Capture One workflow. Read more
5 Amazing Lightroom Tools
Master these 5 simple, but amazing Lightroom tools and techniques and you will edit faster, more efficiently and with more confidence! Read more
How to Get a Bold & Balanced Look
Choosing the right Mastin Labs pack for your intended look is key to getting the editing results you want. If a bold and balanced look is what you're after look no further than Fujicolor Everyday Original. Read more
Introducing Mastin Labs Instagram Story Effects
FREE Mastin Labs Instagram story effects in Fujicolor 400H, Acros 100, Superia 400, Portra 400, Tri-X 400, and Ektar 100. Read more
The Mastin Labs 3-Step Workflow
  Mastin Labs designed its Lightroom presets and Capture One styles specifically to make your editing life as easy as possible. There can be a bit of a learning curve, but we have a simple process that, once you get... Read more