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Social Media For Photographers Facebook Live Roundtable
The landscape of social media is constantly changing, it’s important to understand and implement a few core marketing values for how to manage social media as a photographer. Read more
5 Things I Wish Every New Photographer Knew
Guest author Photographer Latasha Haynes give 5 things she wishes she knew when first started in the industry and none of them have to do with a camera. Read more
The Top 5 Reasons Wedding Photographers Fail
A guest post by Mastin Labs Community member, Jeremy Chou, outlining the top 5 reasons around 50% of photography businesses fail within their first 5 years. Read more
Easy Ways To Give Back As A Wedding Photographer
The easiest way to give back as a wedding photographer is to ask vendors to make a donation to a cause or charity that you care about in exchange for your photos. Read more
Which film or Mastin Labs Preset Should You Use? A Guide to Mastin Labs Presets
Not sure which film or Mastin Labs preset is best for you? Here's a handy guide from Mastin Labs that explains each type of film and preset. Read more
Stuck in Editing and Album Hell? Try This Workflow.
It’s your day off and the last thing on your mind is having fun… because you are stuck in editing hell. It’s time for an editing intervention. Read more
The J-Trick: Easily Fix Your Digital Photos and Film Scans in Lightroom
Introducing the J-Trick—a quick Lightroom trick that uses the histogram to fix contrast issues. It is BY FAR the most popular tutorial video that we’ve created at Mastin Labs. Read more