Creative Photography Client Deliverables: Packaging

Creative Photography Client Deliverables: Packaging - Mastin Labs

In part 3 of our 3 part series, we talk about how packaging and presentation are just as important as the products inside. Did you miss Part 1 or Part 2? Catch up on how to sell frames and albums and then come back to learn how to wrap it all up perfectly. 

If you’re shipping out prints and albums thrown haphazardly into repurposed bubble wrap and recycled boxes, as many photographers do, you’re sending the wrong signal to your clients. We’re not saying you need to spend lots of time and money to put together over-the-top packaging, but a branded experience and even a thank you card can go a long way. Delighted clients are great for your brand.

We believe there is enormous value in presenting beautifully packaged and well-curated quality products to your clients. As exclusive boutiques and department stores already know, special packaging solidifies a luxury experience. Presenting your fine art with care and consideration reinforces its status as a valuable investment. Great products also help you to stand out from the crowd; and with social media, blogs, and newsletters; it’s never been easier to promote what’s unique about you!

Your products bring your art to life, allowing it to live for generations and be enjoyed day after day.

Are you modern or classic? Documentary or high fashion? Light and fresh or dark and moody? What products make the most sense for your clients to display and appreciate your work? We suggest you curate that list carefully and offer only a small selection of the perfect offerings, such as framed galleries, albums, and perhaps something more non-traditional and fun, but still high perceived value.

Your branding materials support your art, your style, and the experience you offer. Again, think about your style and what your brand calls for. Does simple and modern sound like you or are you all about keeping up with the latest trends?

Keeping your branding basics simple, like photo bags and boxes, allow you to really express yourself in the details and look like a million bucks. Customize with your logo, signature colors, and unique marketing materials for a presentation that is easy, affordable and 100% YOU.

If you are a wedding photographer, you probably already offer a USB drive containing all of your clients’ images. How about going the extra mile and creating a premium package that includes a set of the artist’s favorite 5×7 prints and a custom engraved glass USB drive all encased in a beautiful keepsake box? This works for other genres of photography as well, like portraits, glamour, high school seniors, and engagements. Add your logo to the top of the box and tie with a ribbon for the ultimate product that every client desires!

Product: 5×7 Keepsake Print and USB Box

Appeal: Ideal for the photographer that offers prints and downloads. Clients will love receiving everything in one gorgeous self-closing package, branded with your studio logo. You can choose to include your favorite 125 unmounted 5×7 prints, or 15 mounted 5×7 prints and a USB drive with high (or low) resolution images. Super flexible!

Brand Consistency: These perfectly crafted boxes can be embossed with your studio name or logo in 16 colors (including chic metallics and modern blind embossing) for a completely custom-branded look.

Wow Factor: This unique, handcrafted product gives clients exactly what they want: keepsake art AND digital files. Even if you only provide web size digitals for sharing, the presentation is one that commands top level on your collections menu.

Client Satisfaction: Clients appreciate your thoughtfulness when you offer complete products that don’t need any extra work or fuss on their part. Having a tiny “seatbelt” to secure your USB drive and a perfectly sized print home base ensures safety without worry of loss. The magnetic snap closure takes the security up to another level.

Markup Potential: Oh, yes….this one is big. As we already know, digital negatives should be your most expensive product, as once a client has those, your earning potential decreases substantially. But, what about adding even more value to capture that big sale with ease? This is where the artist’s favorites (5×7 keepsake prints) come in….the incentive is enormous. Add the keepsake box, and markup potential is huge, at 800-2,000+%.

Pro Tip: Portrait photographers may want to choose to mount their favorite 15 images and provide web-sized digitals for social sharing. Wedding photographers will typically include all digital images and can choose between including 15 mounted images or a 100+ loose prints with a theme of “Best of,” “Just Formals,” or “Couple Portraits.”

Already impressing your clients with custom packaging? Share your creations with the hashtag #designaglow on Instagram so we can check you out!