Are You Making Money Selling Wall Frames?

Are You Making Money Selling Wall Frames? | Mastin Labs

Sustainable photography studios need to sell products, there’s no doubt about that. Photographers are always searching for the next/best/hottest new thing, but what really matters most to clients? They want quality keepsakes to enjoy and be proud to share with family and friends.

In this three part series, we are breaking down our favorite studio products that are sure to inspire your clients and give you the extra cha-ching you need to thrive. We’ll also cover key factors in determining which products are right for you: wow-factor, brand consistency, price point, appeal, client satisfaction and markup potential.

First up, we’re talking about framed wall portraits. You are offering these, right? If you’re only offering loose prints, you’re leaving money on the table. We don’t want that, you don’t want that, but more importantly, your clients don’t want that. Let’s face it, they have no idea what to do with individual prints and look to you, the professional, to guide them. Offering a finished product like beautifully framed art galleries provides the one thing that everyone wants these days: instant gratification. It’s a daily reminder of what they love most…and of your talent.

Product: Framed Wall Galleries

Client Appeal: Newborns, Babies, Kids, Families, Engagements, Weddings, Pets

Brand Consistency: For documentary and lifestyle photographers, framed wall galleries are the ideal presentation. Tell your clients’ stories with 3-10 images by creating original displays that feel personal and artistic, two qualities that are essential to your brand.

Wow Factor: Who doesn’t want to look at beautiful images of the ones they love most every day? Moms will be thrilled to show off your work, celebrating the love of their families. Ready-to-hang framed prints provide instant gratification and you can count on referrals from your client’s friends, who will see your artful displays.

Pro Tip: Include 25 complimentary flat 5×7 holiday cards with a favorite portrait from a wall display. This will help incentivize clients AND get your work and name out to 25 new prospects. It’s a win/win!

Markup Potential: HUGE. Prints should be an investment in art, not merely something printed on paper. Frames should be marked up at least 200-500% to justify your time and service. Sign your work and provide a certificate of authenticity for added value.

Pro Tip: Make your Gift Prints (8x10s and under) all one price, to encourage larger size portrait sales.

Client Satisfaction: Once clients begin collecting wall art, they can’t stop! Provide frame services and you they will come back year after year to add to their collections. Clients love buying when it’s easy and fun, so have resources that pave the way for those high-level sales. We suggest the following:

  1. Inspire Guide – Wall Displays to allow clients to choose layouts quickly and painlessly, plus you can be assured will look great.
  2. The Show & Sell Frame Kit includes real samples to fall in love with plus a marketing suite of templates to kick-start your frame sales.

Already killing it selling framed art? Share your creations with us with the tag #designaglow on Instagram so we can check you out!