The Intersection of Love and Photography (Video)

The Intersection of Love and Photography (Video) - Mastin Labs

Photography is a powerful tool to encourage acceptance among people. It’s a tool to teach empathy. I believe people sometimes don’t have empathy because they don’t have exposure to positive representations of those who aren’t like them.

Today, on Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t matter what kind of love you’re celebrating: whether it’s between you and your partner, or friends and family members — all love is beautiful and deserves a holiday!

“Photography is a powerful tool to encourage acceptance among people.” - Kirk Mastin

Throughout my career, I actively sought out as many different variations of love to photograph as I could, because I wanted to give myself and those who followed my work a window into how truly powerful love is. Photography has always helped me to understand people and issues, and I hope it helps others as well.

At Mastin Labs, we believe that whether you’re showing a same-sex wedding on your blog or a photograph of playful love between a Sikh man and his children you are part of a movement to normalize all embodiments of love. Creating beautiful, heartfelt images of all types of love is how we as an industry can make the world a better place.

We invited local Seattle Photographers to discuss the intersection of love and photography. Check it out!

How have you promoted understanding and love in your photography?

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