Tips for Photographing Your Own Family

Tips for Photographing Your Own Family | Mastin Labs

We have our very own Kayla Baptista on Mastin Labs Live to chat about staying creative during the stay at home order. We've been so impressed with the photos she is sharing in our Mastin Labs Facebook Community of her own family and we invited her to be our guest to share her tips for photographing your own family. 


How To Get Them Excited For The Shoot

Kayla's first bit of advice for getting your kids excited for the shoot is to give them something to do, don't just pose them. For example, her kids love fun sunglasses and outfits so she lets them play dress up for her shoots. Another prop that works great? Ice cream! Also, try to incorporate them into the planning process if they are old enough and give them some control over what they are about to do.  

Focus on Creating the Environment for Great Photos 

Trying to get your kids to act perfectly during a shoot isn't always going to happen so try focusing on what you can control and then just let them be themselves. Create the conditions for beautiful photography by finding really good light, props, and gear choice. If you have those items dialed in you are setting yourself up for success. 

Have Gratitude for the Moment

Don't forget that more time to photograph your kids can be a silver-lining to a stay at home order. Being a full-time photographer often means long days and weekends away from our families plus much less creative energy left to photograph them when we are home. Remind yourself that this time is a blessing in disguise, that your family photos don't have to be perfect.

Don't Forget to Get Photos with You in Them! 

If you have a two-parent household or have a tripod, don't forget to try to get some photos where you are in the photos with your family on occasion. Photographers are notorious for never actually being IN the family photos so try to use this time to slow-down and master the self-timer or remote trigger. 

Here are a few of Kayla's recent photos of her family. Check out the rest in the video above.

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