The Inspired By Series

The Inspired By Series - Mastin Labs

At Mastin Labs, we are inspired by our community of over 50,000 photographers every day. They are full of creativity, talent, and drive. In this series, we collaborated with creators to share what photographers they are inspired by and why focusing on featuring talented female photographers during Women's History Month.

Episode 1: Christi Barnes & Nicole Mason

Our first episode of Inspired By features Christi Barnes, photographer, and co-founder of Woven. Christi shared her admiration for Portland-based photographer, Nicole Mason. Nicole Mason is a photographer, educator, and founder of The Portland Studio.

Episode 2: Dan Cole & Kara Mercer

Our second installment of Inspired By features photographer Dan Cole. Dan shared his admiration for Seattle-based photographer, Kara Mercer.

Episode 3: Karen Okonkwo & Victoria Kovios

Our third installment of Inspired By features TONL co-founder Karen Okonkwo. Karen shared her admiration for Seattle-based photographer, Victoria Kovios.

Ep. 4 Kirk Mastin & Diane Arbus, Lauren Greenfield and Annie Leibovitz

In this video, Mastin Labs founder Kirk Mastin shares a few female photographers who inspire him including Diane ArbusLauren Greenfield, and Annie Leibovitz.