Introducing Mastin Labs Instagram Story Effects

Introducing Mastin Labs Instagram Story Effects - Mastin Labs

Avid Instagrammers, Mastin Labs fans, we’ve got something we think you’re going to like. Are your Instagram stories looking a little mundane? Are you bored with the standard effects for your stories? I’d like to introduce you to Mastin Labs Instagram story effects in Fuji 400H, Acros 100, Superia 400, Portra 400, Tri-X 400, and Ektar 100. They’re all yours for the low price of “free.99.”

How to Get Mastin Labs Instagram Story Effects

With our new Instagram story filters, you can bring the look of your favorite Mastin Labs presets to your Instagram stories, which can also be pushed to your Facebook stories (if you’ve connected your accounts). Here’s how to get them:

  1. Visit Mastin Labs on Instagram (go to to open on your phone).
  2. Right under the “Follow” button (Hey! Why not click it while you’re there!), there’s a saved story that says “Story Effects.” Click that.
  3. Click through the instruction stories until you get to the stories that demo the Mastin Labs Instagram story effects. You’ll see a short video with a text overlay that informs you of the film emulation used.
  4. To try the Story Effects yourself, swipe up from the bottom of the demo story, then tap “save effect” to have access to Mastin Labs Story Effects any time you want to start a story!

From travel stories to selfies, you can easily integrate Mastin Labs into your Instagram experience to add that filmy je ne sais quoi. 

What's Included in the Mastin Labs Instagram Story Effects

  • Acros 100 and Tri-X 400 are classic black and white film effects for all your most sophisticated moods.
  • Superia 400 and Ektar 100 are vibrant and are perfect for showcasing how much fun you’re having on vacation, at the beach, or anywhere.
  • Fuji 400H and Portra 400 are easy go-to’s for your stories that feature people.

But, of course, feel free to mix and match—we’re sure you’ll find plenty of fun things to do with Mastin Labs Story Effects! And when you do, show them off! We’d love to see what you create—tag @mastinlabs in your Instagram stories!