How to Get a Bold & Balanced Look with Lifestyle Everyday

How to Get a Bold & Balanced Look with Lifestyle Everyday | Mastin Labs

Choosing the right Mastin Labs pack for your intended look is key to getting the editing results you want. Dark and moody? Portra Pushed is the one. Light and airy? Fuji Original all day. If a bold and balanced look is what you're after, though, look no further than the Lifestyle Everyday (formerly Fuji Everyday) preset pack.

mastin labs chart showing the full preset pack offered in the Fujicolor Original presets

Lifestyle Everyday (formerly Fuji Everyday), like its Adventure Everyday Original counterpart, has two color film emulation presets and one black and white. Between the three, you can find something perfect for just about any photo. The presets found in Lifestyle Everyday are all superstars.

Presets in the Lifestyle Everyday Pack

Acros 100

Acros 100 is a gorgeous and versatile black and white option with rich contrast and a clean black and white tonal range. It's an excellent choice for moodier black and white edits and looks great on all sorts of indoor photos. It maintains a deep tonality, unlike Tri-X 400 from the Adventure Everyday Original pack, which brightens the image. Acros 100 is the first black and white preset that Mastin Labs has released that has people excited for black and white edits that hadn't gotten into them before.

Superia 400

Superia 400 is fantastic for a bold but neutral look and is very versatile. It emphasizes reds in an image, like Ektar 100. Superia 400 is kind of an "Ektar light," and Mastin Labs users who thought Ektar was just a little bit much will love Superia 400. Superia 400 is vivid like Ektar, but dials back the saturation and contrast.


C200 is a little more mellow than Superia 400, sort of like Adventure Everyday's Gold preset is to Ektar. Compared to Superia 400, It has lower contrast in the shadows and highlights. It's warm and soft and has punchy mid-tone contrast while shadows and highlights stay protected, giving it almost a faded look.

Tips for Using Lifestyle Everyday Presets

You don't need to over or underexpose. Go for a beautiful, clean photo straight out of the camera. The better your starting image is, the better your Mastin Labs edit will be.

Not sure whether to go with a color or black and white edit? Consider whether the color adds or detracts from the image. For example, if there are vivid colors in parts of the image that distract from the subject, a black and white edit can simplify the scene and draw the viewer's eye where you intend. Conversely, if color contrast works to bring your eye to the subject, converting to black and white could do the image a disservice.

Don't forget the tone profiles. No matter which Mastin Labs pack you use, tone profile are worth their virtual weight in gold when it comes to adjusting only the shadows or highlights in an image. For instance, "all soft" and "highlight soft" can work wonders in scenes that include a lot of dynamic range.

Check out the live edit to watch Kirk work through a selection of photos from our community and join us in our Facebook group to share your work!

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