How To Edit Warm And Neutral

How To Edit Warm And Neutral - Mastin Labs

Mastin Labs Lightroom presets and Styles for Capture One were created to bring the beauty of film and the simplicity of the film workflow to digital photographers. With three simple steps you can have gorgeous edits that look like real film—whether you're a guru with Lightroom or Capture One or you're just starting out.

Each of our preset packs of film emulation presets embodies a specific aesthetic, like Light and Airy (Fuji Original), Bright and Vivid (Adventure Everyday|), or Warm and Neutral (Portra Original).

Portra Original was one of the first Mastin Labs Lightroom preset packs we developed, and it emulates three speeds of the classic film often used for portraiture, Kodak Portra.

Each version of Portra has individual characteristics, but all of them give a Warm and Neutral look. Portra Original is one of the more subtle packs, without dramatic contrast or saturation, and it breathes warmth into your subject's skin tone.

Portra 160

Portra 160 is the least saturated preset you'll find at Mastin Labs. Of the three film emulations in the Portra Original pack, it's the best fit for a wide variety of skin tones. Its look can be described as subtle and neutral with medium contrast and low saturation. The color palette is brown/orange, and it's excellent for moodier edits.

Portra 400

Portra 400 is a warm-toned film with medium contrast and saturation. It's incredible for gloomy days, and if you've got a subject with very pale skin, the warmth of Portra 400 is very complimentary and will give them a healthy glow.

Portra 800

Portra 800 has the highest contrast and saturation of the film emulation presets in this pack. Initially created primarily to offer photographers a Portra film for lower light, it also gives some variation in the film's appearance.

The Portra Original pack is a stellar choice for the times you want a natural edit with a Warm and Neutral look. Paired with Fuji Original, you've got a great intro to Mastin Labs presets for those who prefer a subtler edit with medium contrast and colors that are beautiful but more muted than some of our other offerings, like Adventure Everyday Original.

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If you like the dark and moody look, but are also a fan of light and airy photos, you'll probably ALSO love our Fuji Original Lightroom presets and styles for Capture One. 


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