How To Edit Vibrant And Airy

How To Edit Vibrant And Airy | Mastin Labs

The first preset pack Mastin Labs ever released was Fujicolor Original, which gained a following as the go-to set of presets for the classic and coveted Light and Airy look. If you'd like something similar but with a little more kick, give Vibrant and Airy a try! For a Vibrant and Airy aesthetic, the pack you want is Fujicolor Pushed.

So what's the difference between Fujicolor Original and Fujicolor Pushed - why is one light and the other vibrant? The variation has to do with the process of pushing film. Pushed film takes on increased contrast and tints in the highlights or shadows.


Here's what that means: When you shoot a film at box speed (or nominal ISO) and send it for developing, the lab won't do anything out of the ordinary in the processing, and you'll get the standard results you'd expect from the film you shot. For the film emulation presets in the Fujicolor Original pack, that's more in line with a Light and Airy look.

On the other hand, when you push the film, you set your camera's ISO to a faster speed than the box speed and instruct the lab to push the film. The result is that the film is underexposed in-camera and developed longer at the lab to compensate for exposure, which gives the pushed film its distinct characteristics.

For instance, here's how you'd push Fujicolor 400H: the box speed is ISO 400, so to push the film one stop, you'd set the camera's ISO to 800. To push two stops, you'd set the camera's ISO to 1600. That's because the ISO one stop higher than 400 is 800, and two stops higher than 400 is 1600. Our Fujicolor Pushed pack emulates the effects of pushing the films in the Fujicolor Original pack one and two stops, which is how you get Vivid and Airy.

Fujicolor 400H +1 and +2

400H with standard processing gives a classic, pastel look that wedding photographers love, and pushing the film maintains that timeless color palette while adding a bit of voltage. The color is clean and bright, and contrast increases from the 400H you'll find in the Fujicolor Original pack. In the +2 variant, you get the addition of a beautiful pink wash across the highlights.

As in the Fujicolor Original pack, the "Blue" version of 400H is based on the same film stock but adds some tweaks to tame unruly greens. If you've got a scene with nuclear, overexposed grass that needs some help, try 400H Blue.

Fujicolor 160NS +1 and +2

Fujicolor 160NS is similar to 400H, but pink and cyan have more emphasis. This is a film emulation with medium contrast and peachy skin tones. If you love Fujicolor 160NS but want to give it some more bite, 160NS pushed will do the job.

Fujicolor 800Z +1 and +2

Fujicolor 800Z film is hard to find, but thankfully our founder, Kirk Mastin, went the extra mile to dig up enough film to develop the 800Z set of presets! 800Z is more vivid and contrasty than the other two films in the pack even before you introduce the push processing factor, and adding one and two stops pushed makes for a more dramatic look. 800Z is a pink-toned film, and pushing it amplifies pinks in the mid-tones and highlights.

Fujicolor Pushed for Lightroom

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Mastin Labs Fujicolor Pushed Presets for Lightroom create a light and airy look with extra contrast punch, color, and depth. The Fuji Pushed pack is ideal for weddings, engagements, and lifestyle photography.

With the streamlined Mastin 3-Step Workflow™ and end-to-end support from our team, you can finally ditch hours of editing and get back to the moments you live for.

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