70 Street Portraits from Cologne, Germany

70 Street Portraits from Cologne, Germany | Mastin Labs


I had a blast teaching at Way Up North in Cologne, Germany this year.

I just love the energy of this yearly conference, and I highly recommend it to anyone in Europe (or anywhere for that matter!) who wants quality education and networking with a mix of inspiration and real how-to knowledge to improve your life as a wedding or family photographer.

If you know me, you know I love portraits. It's basically all I shoot these days outside of some longer 8X10 projects on surfing etc.

While in Cologne, I used the time between speakers to make street portraits with the attendees and teachers. I brought my Mamiya 7 and 11 rolls of film with me: 5 rolls of Portra 800, 3 rolls of Fuji 160NS, and 3 rolls of Tri-X 400.

My goal was to shoot a portrait of everyone at Way Up North. I managed 70 portraits and was pretty happy with that.

For each person, I was limited to about 2-3 minutes of interaction time, and whatever light and background I could find within about 50 feet of the conference entrance. I always encourage people to give me what they want to give me in the portrait session. If they are happy it shows. If they are nervous or introspective it shows. I love this.

It was really fun to push myself to get as much variety as possible between shots. I hope you enjoy these!

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Try it! It's easier than you think!

Portra 800 & Fuji 160NS


Tri-X 400