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Mastin Labs Portra Pushed Presets for Lightroom are the perfect foundation for dark and moody portraits. With warm tones and high contrast, the Portra Pushed pack is ideal for boudoir, indoor lifestyle, and adventure elopements.

With the streamlined Mastin 3-Step Workflow™ and end-to-end support from our team, you can finally ditch hours of editing and get back to the moments you live for.

An Adobe Creative Cloud account is required to use our products. The minimum software versions below are required to use this preset pack.

Minimum software version: Lightroom Classic 8.0, Lightroom CC 3.0, Adobe Camera RAW 10.3

Minimum OS version: MacOS 10.11 (El Capitan), Windows 8.1 (64-bit) or Windows 10 version 1511 (64-bit)

Cameras and files: Mastin Labs presets and styles are compatible with all camera brands and raw formats.

What's Included



  • Tone Profiles
  • Lens Correction
  • Orange Reduction
  • Auto White Balance
  • Auto Transform
  • Custom Grain


  • Three RAW images to get you started
  • A step-by-step editing tutorial video
  • A guide to getting started with the Mastin 3-Step Workflow™, tech support, and access to all future updates.
Portra 800+1
Portra 800+2
Portra 400+1
Portra 400+2
Portra 160+1
Portra 160+2

The original dark and moody look.

Portra 800+1: Balanced and natural, Portra 800+1 is a medium saturated look with higher contrast and purple shifts in the shadows for a stylized and edgy feeling.

Portra 800+2: This looks takes the look of Portra 800+1 and pushes the shadows even further for the ultimate moody look.

Portra 400+1: Warm-toned with medium contrast, Portra 400+1 is an extremely flexible look with deep, rich color with clean tones.

Portra 400+2: An evolution on Portra 400+1 but with increased red and orange shifts in the shadows for an editorial look.

Portra 160+1: Neutral with medium contrast, Portra 160+1 is a flexible look with low saturation and tones that lean towards reds and brown.

Portra 160+2: A progression on Portra 160+1, Portra 160+2 has increased red tones and flatness in the shadows.

Discover how to make beautiful photos in three easy steps.

Bonus education for fast, easy editing.

One-click fixes to up your game.

Auto White Balance

Sometimes your camera gets it wrong. Get a starting point for true-to-life color.

Lens Correction

Fix vignetting and distortion, minimize color fringing, and remove chromatic aberration to instantly improve every image.

Auto Transform

Tired of crooked buildings? Clean up your photos by correcting vertical and horizontal lines.

Orange Reduction

A lifesaver for mixed light, extra warm sunsets, and spray tans that just won’t quit.

Tone Profiles

Inspired by the original tone profiles from the Fuji Frontier film scanner, these correct contrast while preserving the look of film.

Custom Grain

While our presets start grain-free, you can complete your look with 35 mm or medium-format grains.

Take your look on the go.

An Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is required to use our products. The minimum software version required for Mobile Profiles: Lightroom CC 3.0

Devices and files: Compatible with iOS and Android devices and optimized for jpeg formats.

What Our Customers Say

I feel like the Portra Pushed Presets bring life to my images. They intensify the emotion and give images a gorgeous pop, while keeping the skin tones natural looking.

Tereza Thomas

The Porta Pushed Pack is everything I've been looking for in my editing. I used to spend countless hours tweaking other presets to get this look. It has drastically cut my editing time!

Kayla Potter

Pushing film gives a whole different look, while still keeping that organic aesthetic. I love that the new Pushed Film presets work so well when I shoot moody, darker photos.

Ryan Flynn
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Canada Canada
Mastin Labs Portra Pushed = Kodak Portra Pushed

The Portra Pushed presets have given my digital files a level of quality that I did not think possible. After years of experimenting with a seemingly endless amount of variables to make my digital images look more like Kodak Portra film. This comprehensive and accurate set of presets has succeeded in doing what I always wanted yet failed to do. That is to make my digital images look exactly like my negative photo scans. Just like I “push” my Kodak Portra film, these presets do precisely as advertised by giving results that are uncannily like those of their celluloid counterpart. Moreover, the Mastin Labs presets give me consistency over all of my digital photos. They free me from the monotony of having to meticulously adjust every setting manually. They’ve also become indispensable to my workflow because they provide me with a baseline for the images that need extra attention. Nonetheless, my RAW and jpeg files have never looked better. Thanks to these presets, and as far as film emulation goes, Mastin Labs has got it right; whether you are a beginner or professional, these presets are an excellent springboard and tool for better editing and achieving photo film results.

Jenna W.
United States United States
Game changer! Mastin is doing something right!

I pride myself in having clean matte looking photos and had no idea how muddy some of my edits were until I started using the Portra Pushed presets. Absolutely perfect matte film look without destroying color or simply turning up the grain. I love that all presets from Mastin edit the highlights and shadows separately in different presets rather than using the “one size fits all” preset that others use. Overall, I’m really impressed with other's work I’ve seen in the Mastin Labs community group top. Obviously, Mastin is doing something right!

Shannon J.
United States United States
Love them!

I love them, they make everything beautiful, and are easy to adjust in lightroom as well as photoshop. Thanks again!

Evgeny D.
Canada Canada
Streamlined workflow

I use presets to streamline my workflow and to cut my editing time. As a wedding photographer, I have to process huge quantities of images and using quality presets by Mastin Labs makes it much easier. Thanks Kirk for developing such a great product! Vancouver Wedding Photographer Dëmin