Lifestyle Everyday Video LUTs

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"Now it's easier than before to achieve the consistency of colors all throughout all my clips!"
- Carlo G.
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  • Ideal for everyday moments that mean the most.
  • Mastin Standard™, built-in footage normalization
  • Mastin Magic Toolkit™
  • Time-saving Mastin 3-Step Workflow™
  • Lifetime product updates and support
"Now it's easier than before to achieve the consistency of colors all throughout all my clips!"
- Carlo G.
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Meet your Lifestyle Everyday looks!

Below are the different, unique preset looks included in this pack.

Superia 400

Regarded as a truly everyday film, Superia 400 is a daylight-balanced look with subtle adjustments to colors and contrast that is colorful without being overly stylized.

Fuji C200

Celebrated for its faithful depiction, Fuji C200 is the perfect choice for portraits of friends and family and features muted highlights and shadows.

Acros 100

Praised for its super-fine grain, this is a versatile black and white look with rich three-dimensional gradation and low contrast.

What makes Mastin Labs different than the rest?

True to film. Streamlined workflow with Power Grade module. Built-in normalization. Included toolkit.

Mastin Standard™ — Match your footage without the headache.

Mastin Magic Toolkit™

Fast editing, made easy. One-click fixes to up your game.


Inspired by the original tone profiles from the Fuji Frontier film scanner, these correct contrast while preserving the look of film.


Sometimes your camera gets it wrong. Get a starting point for true-to-life color.


A lifesaver for mixed light, extra warm sunsets, and spray tans that just won’t quit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Mastin LUTs different?

We know you’ve been burned by bad LUTs before – the so-called “one-click” miracles that didn’t actually work for your footage, required tons of edits, and left your videos looking dated.

That’s why we set out to do things differently.

Each LUT pack has been meticulously designed and tested to match real film stocks, giving you the same timeless look that filmmakers, film photographers, and high-end clients have loved for decades.

Our Mastin Standard camera-matching system takes all the work out of normalizing footage between different cameras and color profiles, so you can get a consistent film look without spending hours color grading. Plus, each LUT pack also comes with time-saving editing tools – including tone profiles, white balance correction (coming soon), orange reduction (coming soon), – and a step-by-step tutorial video to help you nail your first edit and streamline your workflow for good.

This is more than a LUT – it’s a whole new way to color grade, without the headaches.

Are the Video LUTs compatible with my current workflow?

Absolutely! While we’ve designed our LUTs to make editing fast and easy with the Mastin 3-Step Workflow™, we know you might already have a system that works for you. So, every LUT in your pack will be clearly labeled and ready to incorporate into your existing workflow if that’s what you prefer.

What picture profiles are available?

We’ve designed our LUTs to be compatible with the most popular cameras and picture profiles on the market, and we’re actively working to add more as soon as possible. We new tools and profiles are added, a free pack update will be available for you.

Supported picture profiles: Canon Standard, C-Log, C-Log2, C-Log3, BMFilm Gen5, Blackmagic Design Film Gen 4/5, DJI D-Log, Eterna Cinema, F-Log, Provia Standard, Nikon Standard, N-Log, Nikon Flat, Nikon Neutral, Panasonic Standard, Panasonic Cine-D, Panasonic Cine-V, Panasonic V-Log, REDLogFILM, RED Log3G10, Sony Standard, Cine4, HLG3, S-Log, S-Log2, S-Log3