Wedding Presets

Ready to wow your couples with a timeless, true-to-color look and edit an entire wedding gallery in minutes, not weeks? These are the preset packs we recommend for wedding photography.

Wedding Presets by Mastin Labs

Fuji Original is the original light & airy look which Mastin Labs pioneered in the wedding world. Sophisticated and refined, you’re drawn to the same style that has inspired fine art photographers and wedding magazines for decades.

Fuji Pushed is similar to Fuji Original, however, packs a great punch of saturation, contrast, and pink color shifts. You see the world through rose-colored glasses, and you want to capture the dreamiest moments with an extra punch of color and depth.

Portra Original is warm and neutral. You don’t have to be loud to get noticed. As an artist, you find beauty in mundane moments, quiet contemplation, and thoughtfully-made pieces. You want to create work that says something real.

Night & Day is your best friend for low-light environments. Natura is warm and has gorgeous skin tones with lush fuji greens. Complicated with CineStill 800T edgy blue-green shadows and vibrant reds. Perfect for a wedding, daylight into reception light.