Fujicolor Pushed for Lightroom

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "All the presets included are amazing but Fujicolor Pushed 160NS is my preferred film and this NAILS it. Great contrast and pink in the highlights. Mastin Labs does it again!" - Sergio, Salt Lake City, UT

Get a vibrant and airy look with this pack.

Mastin Labs Fujicolor Pushed Presets for Lightroom create a light and airy look with extra contrast punch, color, and depth. The Fuji Pushed pack is ideal for weddings, engagements, and lifestyle photography.

With the streamlined Mastin 3-Step Workflow™ and end-to-end support from our team, you can finally ditch hours of editing and get back to the moments you live for.

Presets included: Fuji 160NS+1, Fuji 160NS+2, Fuji 400H+1, Fuji 400H+2, Fuji 400H Blue+1, Fuji 400H Blue+2, Fuji 800Z+1, Fuji 800Z+2.

Tools Included: Auto White Balance, Lens Correction, Auto Transform, Orange Reduction, Tone Profiles, Grain

Resources Included: Three RAW images to get you started, a step-by-step editing tutorial video, a guide to getting started with the Mastin 3-Step Workflow™, tech support, and access to all future updates.

An Adobe Creative Cloud account is required to use our products. The minimum software versions below are required to use this preset pack.

Minimum software version: Lightroom Classic 8.0, Lightroom CC 3.0, Adobe Camera RAW 10.3

Minimum OS version: MacOS 10.11 (El Capitan), Windows 8.1 (64-bit) or Windows 10 version 1511 (64-bit)

Cameras and files: Mastin Labs presets and styles are compatible with all camera brands and raw formats.

Vibrant & Airy

Fujicolor Pushed

Fuji 400H+1
Fuji Pushed 400H+2
Fuji 160NS+1
Fuji 160NS+2
Fuji 800Z+1
Fuji 800Z+2

Discover a vibrant yet airy look.

Fuji 400H+1 : Light and airy with extra punch, Fuji 400h+1 provides natural skin-tones while maintaining vivid three-dimensional color that pops.

Fuji 400H+2 : With increased contrast and saturation, Fuji 400H+2 is an evolution of Fuji 400H+1.

Fuji 160NS+1 : Neutral and balanced color with deep contrast, Fuji 160NS+1 is the portrait photographers favored film stock for its natural skin tones across a broad range.

Fuji 160NS+2 : With deeper contrast, 160NS+2 is an expansion on Fuji 160NS+1 with magenta color shifts in the highlights.

Fuji 800Z+1 : Pretty in pink, Fuji 800Z+1 supercharges magenta in the highlights creating a dream-like color scape in your photography.

Fuji 800Z+2 : Similar to Fuji 800Z+1 but with increased color and contrast, Fuji 800Z+2 is glowing magenta.

How does it work?

Watch a demo video to dive deeper into each look.

Lightroom Demo

What Our Customers Say

Three clicks max and I'm done! The intricacies of the magenta highlights and amount of contrast with pushed Fuji is hard to replicate. These presets save me hours behind a computer and I'm satisfied with my digital work now more than ever.

Kelsey Schwenk

It was a dilemma for me to choose between the Fujicolor Original preset pack and Fujicolor Pushed. But ultimately, this pack is more vivid. That was what convinced me to choose this pack and I'm absolutely satisfied with this decision. Strongly recommended!!

Gabor Gurtler

I've bounced between presets over the years, but for the first time I feel like I have everything I need in one package. Not only does the Fuji Pushed Pack perfectly match my film scans, but I can edit images so quickly. I feel like I have my life back!

Katie Manero
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Andrew L.
United States United States
Fuji Pushed review

So far I have bought 4 Mastin sets- Portra, Fuji, Fuji Pushed and Adventure Everyday. Fuji and Fuji Pushed especially seem to be the ones that I go to most often. I am really happy with the look I get when from these presets. I give a 4-star rating because if you are looking for a contrasty film look these really are amazing. I tend to prefer less contrast. If you buy a Mastin preset you definitely need to join the Facebook community. It is one of the only positive, supportive, and constructive Facebook groups I have been in. Great photographers giving out advice and ideas every day.

Sarah H.
United States United States
Dreamy in a way that stands out!

When I started photography, I thought all film-like editing meant washed-out highlights, low contrast, and colorless images . . . . then I met Fujicolor Pushed and swallowed those words without a second thought! These presets bring so much LIFE into the portraits I deliver, bring such a dream-like and vibrant quality that puts such huge smiles on my clients’ faces (and mine!), and best of all, they free up my shooting style during sessions. I know that no matter how I shoot, Fuji Pushed is never going to limit that creativity in post –– only enhance it.

Marissa M.
United States United States
Best purchase for my business!

I shoot digital & film and this preset matches my digital images to my film! In about 3 clicks I'm 90% there! I then only have to tweak a couple extra sliders to finish it off and that's it! It's made it a breeze to blend my film & digital work and have a consistent portfolio! Highly recommend!

Madelin G.
United States United States
Awesome presents, even better customer service!

I ordered the original fuji and edited an entire wedding, made consistency easier even in different light throughout the day, shorten my editing time and my pictures look amazing. Customer service was great too, thank you for all your help Mastin Labs team.