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Give your favorite photographer the look, feel, and magic of film in seconds. Send a virtual gift card they can use on any of our Lightroom presets, Capture One Styles, or other products.
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Mastin Magic Toolkit™

Fast editing, made easy. One-click fixes to up your game.


Sometimes your camera gets it wrong. Get a starting point for true-to-life color.


Fix vignetting and distortion, minimize color fringing, and remove chromatic aberration to instantly improve every image.


Tired of crooked buildings? Clean up your photos by correcting vertical and horizontal lines.


A lifesaver for mixed light, extra warm sunsets, and spray tans that just won’t quit.


Inspired by the original tone profiles from the Fuji Frontier film scanner, these correct contrast while preserving the look of film.


While our presets start grain-free, you can complete your look with 35mm or medium-format grain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Open each title for answers to frequently asked questions.

I’ve been burned by bad presets before. What makes Mastin Labs different?

We hear you!

That’s why our presets aren’t based on passing trends – they’re meticulously designed and tested to model real film. And not just the color and tone of film, but also the way it reacts to light. As technology evolves, we’re continually innovating and updating our presets to give you access to a consistent look that will help you get noticed in a crowded market, elevate your business, and create timeless images you and your clients love.

Why use a preset when I can hand edit?

Faster workflow, consistent edits!

Like most of us, chances are you started out spending hours editing photos and adjusting every slider by hand. But that workflow requires a lot of mental energy, and it’s tough to maintain a consistent style from edit to edit. With a preset, you get a faster workflow, a consistent edit, and a timeless look based on real film – so you can focus on elevating your art and growing your business.

How do I know which preset pack is right for me?

Take our 2-minute quiz to find your perfect pack! You can also join our free community on Facebook to see how thousands of photographers are using the presets and even ask our users to test a preset on your photos.

Presets and Profiles: Should I get both?


Simply put, presets are for RAW images and profiles are for jpegs. Our Lightroom desktop presets are ideal for simplifying your workflow and creating beautiful and timeless professional images. And with presets, you still have access to everything under the hood, so you can dial in all the details.


Our Mobile Profiles are the perfect way to edit on your phone, because you get a streamlined, one-click editing experience designed specifically for jpeg file formats. You don’t have access to all the details that you would with a preset, so you can focus on quickly and easily editing beautiful photos and sharing them with the world.

Born from film, made for you.

See all the reviews and why our customers say this pack is a game changer for giving the look you've always wanted!

  • Mastin Magic Toolkit™

    One-click fixes to up your game! Included with your preset pack, our custom tools help you correct the trickiest photos.

  • Time-saving Mastin 3-Step Workflow™

    Our tested, easy-to-use workflow means you can finally ditch hours of editing and get back to the moments you live for.

  • Bonus tutorials for getting started

    Each pack comes with a unique training video and three raw files that you can edit start to finish and achieve a perfect edit the very first time you use Mastin Labs.

  • Lifetime product updates and support

    We are dedicated to your success as a photographer! Our team is here with end-to-end product and editing support.