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Tips for Photographing Your Own Family
Join Kirk Mastin, in an interview with community member, Kayla Baptista about staying creative by photographing her family, how it's different than a client's family, and how she's using her own family photography to market her business. Read more
Most Popular Film Cameras On The Market: A Review by Mastin Labs
Join Kirk from Mastin Labs as he reviews the technical aspects and strengths and weaknesses of the eight most popular film cameras on the market. Read more
Embrace the Chaos: 6 ways to recharge your photography through travel
One of the best ways recharge your creativity as a photographer is to go somewhere you’ve never been before. Read more
How to Shoot Pushed Film (with Bonus Download)
Learn about pushing film in this easy how-to guide on pushed film. Read more
What Is the Best ISO for Different Films?
For most films, you need to shoot it at it's nominal ISO not whats on the box. In this post, we're discussing what it is and how to know plus we're giving you a free downloadable chart of the 15 most popular films nominal ISOs. Read more
Pivoting Your Photography During The Coronavirus
We've been watching our community members find new opportunities for creativity and learning and its been absolutely inspiring! We’ve interviewed one of our standout community members, Christina Quesenberry, about how she is pivoting from photographing families and couples to food, nature, and product. Read more
How To Do A Facetime Photoshoot
If you are trying to find a way to stay creative with your photography while you are staying home, we have an idea for you! We’ve interviewed Jessica Whitaker, founder of Build + Bloom, about how to do a Facetime photo shoot.  Read more
5 Amazing Lightroom Tools
Master these 5 simple, but amazing Lightroom tools and techniques and you will edit faster, more efficiently and with more confidence! Read more
All About The Mastin Labs Custom Workspace For Capture One
We’ve made our Capture One users a custom workspace that you can install to keep all the tools you need for a three-step workflow in one handy location. Read more
Everything New In Capture One 20
Capture One 20 just dropped, and it’s full of improvements that photographers have been requesting. Some changes are significant, some are small, but all will make your Capture One experience (and results!) much better. Read more
What is Zone Focusing and how do I use it?
Most commonly used by street photographers, this focusing technique could help you to nail the shot in a fast-paced environment. Read more
Don't Go To Photo School
One professional photographer's take on photography school, why he didn't go, and why it was one of the best decisions of his career. Read more
When to Make the Jump - Going Full Time as a Photographer
Some real talk with photographer, Chris Daniels. He pulls from his own experiences to give you 10 tips for making your jump into full-time photography the best it can be. Read more
How to Shoot In Open Shade
Open shade is lighting bliss! Here, we share some helpful tips and techniques on how to find and use open shade lighting. Read more
What Is A Graduated Neutral Density Filter?
Graduated Neutral Density Filters — Saving your sky and highlights since early 1900's. Here we discuss what they are, how to use them, and how to replicate the effect in post. Read more
Tips For Shooting On A Cloudy Day
There's no need to feel bummed about a cloudy day. In fact, there are many reasons to be excited by a cloud filled sky on shoot day! Here, we share tips for you to make the most of your cloudy day photoshoot. Read more
How to Put Together A Lightweight Photography Gear Bag
Stay lightweight and confident with everything you need and nothing you don't. Plus, I show you what's in my photography gear bag for an all-day Seattle photo shoot. Read more
10 Tips For Urban Portraits
Shooting in an urban or downtown setting means there is going to be lots going on. Here are some tips to make it the best shoot it can be! Read more
How to Drag your Shutter with Flash
This technique can give you cool stopped-motion effects and even save the day in poor lighting conditions. Here's how to drag your shutter with a flash. Read more
How to Find Your Creative Voice
It's a journey that every artist takes. You don't have to walk it alone. Here are some tips on how to find your creative voice and style. Read more
The Truth About Lens Compression
What is lens compression? You have more control over it than you might think. Here is the full explination in a nutshell. Read more