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Pivoting Your Photography During The Coronavirus
We've been watching our community members find new opportunities for creativity and learning and its been absolutely inspiring! We’ve interviewed one of our standout community members, Christina Quesenberry, about how she is pivoting from photographing families and couples to food, nature, and product. Read more
The Mastin Labs 3-Step Workflow
  Mastin Labs designed its Lightroom presets and Capture One styles specifically to make your editing life as easy as possible. There can be a bit of a learning curve, but we have a simple process that, once you get... Read more
Shooting Portraits Tethered Into Capture One at The Photo Cookout
134 portraits tethered to Capture One and edited with Mastin Labs Capture One styles at The Photo Cookout 2019 in New Orleans, LA. Read more
Chase Jarvis and Brandon Stanton on Creativity as a Practice
Speaking to a live audience in Seattle, Chase Jarvis was joined by Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York to discuss Jarvis' latest book, Creative Calling, centered around the idea that creativity is a cultivated practice. Read more
An Interview With Music & Portrait Film Photographer, Laura Partain
Chris Daniels sits down in Nashville with film photographer, Laura Partain. They discuss shooting and pushing film, and the importance of narrative. Read more
The Struggle of Freelance: A Conversation with Photographer & Artist, Giles Clement
Chris Daniels visits photographer, Giles Clement in his Nashville studio and the two have a conversation about the real life and struggles of being a freelance photographer and artist. Read more
An Interview with Celebrity Portrait Photographer, Robby Klein
Chris Daniels sat down with Robby at his new Nashville studio, Taylor House. They discuss what Taylor House is and how it came to be, as well as speak to personal work, life/career balance, and weird celebrity encounters. Read more
An Interview with Rubén Salgado Escudero
Chris Daniels interviews world documentary photographer, Rubén Salgado Escudero. Read more
In the Dirt: An Interview with Portrait Photographer & Thru-Hiker, Tommy (Twerk) Corey
Join Photographer Chris Daniels for an interview with Tommy (Terk) Corey, who just hikes the entire 2,600 + miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in one go and took portraits all along the way. Read more
Artist Support, Side Hustles, & Being a Woman in the Industry: An Interview With Emilia Paré
Join Photographer Chris Daniels for an interview with Emilia Paré, a Los Angeles based photographer about supporting one another's journey, side hustles and what it's like being a woman in the creative industry. Read more
Slowing Down, Exploring Art, & Finding Your Voice: An Interview with Omar Z. Robles
Join Photographer Chris Daniels for an interview with Omar Z. Robles, a New York City based photographer about the artist journey. Read more
Photographers You Should Know: Vivian Maier
A professional nanny for over four decades, Vivian Maier lived her life in the shadows; a strange woman with a secret talent and a veiled past. Read more
Time is What Makes Your Photos Valuable
The 'mundane' photos you take now, will be the photos we treasure in the future. Read more
Why You Shouldn't Upgrade Your Camera Gear
You are being upsold on features and more megapixels. Those features won't make you a better photographer, and you know it deep down. Read more
Fathers: It goes fast. Don't forget to document your family.
This father's day, take a step back from the pressure of 'making it' and take a moment to capture the small magical moments with your children. Read more
Mastin Labs Presents: Motherhood & Photography
This Mother’s Day, we want to thank all the mothers out there who give so much out of pure love. Thank you or everything you do! Read more
The Inspired By Series
In this series, we collaborated with photographers to share who they are inspired by and why. Read more
The Intersection of Love and Photography (Video)
For Valentines Day, we invited local Seattle Photographers to discuss the intersection of love and photography. Read more
Lessons Learned From the Mastin Labs Community
This community is special, and, as we reflect on 2017, we are grateful for this incredible community of photographers. Read more
Don’t Tell Us You Can’t Find Diverse Photographers for Your Conference
I hope we as a photo community will hold all conferences to a higher standard and demand change. I know at Mastin Labs we will be. Read more
5 Books Every Photographer Should Read
The written work of great photographers, past and present, is an invaluable gift. Read more