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The Most Common Enneagram Type Among Photographers
Throughout 2019, we surveyed our community of over 50,000 photographers about who they are in an attempt to understand what draws us all to photography. Read more
Is AI Coming For Photographers' Jobs?
While certainly impressive, many experts contend AI will never supplant a professional photographer’s human eye. What’s more, AI may actually help photographers work more efficiently—once they’ve learned how to incorporate it. Read more
Our Community's Language of Love
Over the course of this year, we've been surveying our community with all types of personality quizzes to see what traits photographers share as a community. This month we learned about our love languages. Read more
The Mastin Labs Community Chinese Zodiac Results
The Mastin Labs crew had their Chinese zodiac signs done to find out if there are patterns among us that make us want to be photographers. Totally interesting stuff! Read more
What's your Adobe Creative Type?
We surveyed the Mastin Labs community for the results of their Creative Type test from Adobe. Here's what we learned about what type of creative is the most common in our group of over 50k photographers. Read more
What's Your Sign? Our Communities' Zodiac
Throughout 2019 we've been surveying our community to learn more about what makes us want to be photographers. It's really interesting to see the patterns that come out of these surveys! This month we did the Chinese Zodiac. Read more
A Most Unscientific Personality Study of Photographers
We surveyed the Mastin Labs community for their Personality test results. Here's what we learned about what makes photographers, photographers. Read more
83 Film Portraits from the Experience ARC Photography Conference in Vancouver, Canada
With my Pentax 645 and 30 rolls of Portra 800, I tried to take authentic portraits of EVERYONE during Experience ARC. Here are my results. Read more
70 Street Portraits from Cologne, Germany
What happens when I try to shoot a meaningful portrait of 70 different people, in the same 50 feet with only a few minutes per person? Read more