Join Us at Way Up North 2018!

Join Us at Way Up North 2018! | Mastin Labs

Last year I had the pleasure of speaking at Way Up North in Stockholm, Sweden. I spoke about the value of shooting real film and how a hybrid approach (shooting film and digital side-by-side) offered huge advantages to the photographer in terms of artistic fulfillment and as a marketing tool to stand out in saturated markets.

We had a packed crowd and I was so happy my message was well received!

Having spent the majority of my photography career shooting in North America, I wasn't sure how well aligned the US and European markets were in terms of style and approach. It was a breath of fresh air to see how photographers were creating art in Indonesia, Europe, Latin America and elsewhere. In general, the light and airy film look made popular first in California, had not quite taken over the rest of the world.

In place of light-and-airy was a moodier-wide-angle-approach with a focus on photojournalism. This counterpoint to the majority of the US market was really interesting to me. Regardless, I did my part to share my success from shooting in a clean light-and-airy style with an emphasis on portraiture, and it was a good exchange of knowledge. I think I may have converted a few people :)

Join me at Way Up North 2018 in Cologne, Germany

I'll be speaking at Way Up North 2018 along with many other speakers. Join us!

There are still a few tickets available, and this is one of the best-produced conferences I've attended. You won't regret it.

Stockholm Street Photography

During the conference, I wandered the streets of Stockholm with my Pentax 645 and 70mm 2.8 with loads of Portra 400 film. During that week I captured the feeling of Stockholm in the same way I approach my paid wedding work. I had a blast asking for portraits, and waiting patiently for composition or light that made for interesting photos.

Enjoy, and I will see you in Cologne this September for Way Up North 2018!